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Same-day Service

The legal representatives' same-day service allows legal representatives to submit cases on behalf of their clients.
In Croydon, the same-day service allows representatives to submit on behalf of their clients a pre-arranged number of cases on an allocated day or days.
The Dreamland Consultants (Immigration Law Services) is authorized by the Home Office to represent the following cases in the same day service.


  • Husband, wife, civil partner, unmarried or same sex partner - forms FLR(M), SET(M), FLR(O), SET(O);
  • Children - forms FLR(O), SET(O), SET(F), (only if the child entered with the correct entry clearance);
  • UK ancestry - forms FLR(O), SET(O);
  • Visitor - form FLR(O) (this includes medical visitors, academic visitors and parents accompanying children under 12 years of age who are receiving private education in the United Kingdom); and
  • 10-year residence - form SET(O) (see completing application form SET (O) for details of who can apply in this category).

Specific Jobs
  • domestic worker in a private household - forms FLR(O), SET(O);
  • Off-shore worker - form FLR(O);
  • Work permit applications - form FLR(IED)

Points-Based System
  • tier 1 (post-study worker);
  • tier 1 (highly skilled workers, also known as general);
  • tier 2 (skilled workers, also known as general);
  • tier 2 (intra-company transfers);
  • tier 2 (ministers of religion);
  • tier 2 (sportspeople);
  • tier 4 (child);
  • tier 4 (adult, also known as general);
  • tier 5 (charity workers);
  • tier 5 (creative and sporting);
  • tier 5 (religious workers);
  • tier 5 (government authorised exchange);
  • tier 5 (international agreement);
  • dependents of migrants who have leave in points-based system categories - form PBS (Dependant);
  • transfer of conditions for individuals who have permission to remain under the points-based system - forms NTL and TOC.

Medical Studies
  • Postgraduate doctor or dentist - form FLR(O);
  • Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board (PLAB) test - form FLR(O); and
  • Clinical attachment - form FLR(O).

Government & Military
  • (Croydon only) armed forces (no form needed);
  • armed forces indefinite leave to remain following discharge - form SET(O);
  • armed forces dependants - form FLR(O);
  • civilian employee of armed forces (civilian component) - form FLR(O);
  • Forces recruitment - form FLR(O);

Returns of documents (Croydon only)
Croydon public enquiry office offers a service to return documents to people whose documents are currently with the UK Border Agency but who urgently require them to travel.
   Heading Our Guarantee     
To always remain competitive in terms of fees and unrivalled in terms of the service we provide.

To always work to a flat fee structure once we have been instructed by the client and once we have agreed to take responsibility and guarantee the case.

To offer real discounts based on real results, in regards to repeat business and high volumes of work.
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