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   Heading Our Services     
We will provide the following services in relation to immigration advice and assistance:


  • Tier 1 General
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur
  • Tier 1 Investor
  • Tier 1 PSW
  • Tier 2 General (Skilled)
  • Tier 2 Minister of Religion
  • Tier 2 Sports
  • Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer
  • Tier 2 Creative and Sports
  • Tier 5 Charity Workers
  • Tier 5 Religious Workers
  • Tier 5 Government Authorized Exchange
  • Tier 5 International Exchange
  • Tier 4 Students (Adults & Children)
  • Dependents of the above

  • Approved destination status (ADS) Agreement with China, up to 30 days only
  • Single, double and multiple visit, valid up to 6 months
  • Longer term multiple entry (1,2,5 and 10 years)Entertainer visitor
  • Family visitor
  • Business Visitor general
  • Business Visitor- Academic visitor (up to 12 months)Business Visitor-visiting professor
  • Business visitor religious worker
  • Business visitor film crew
  • Business visitor- clinical attachments/dental observation up to 6 weeks
  • Business Visitor-Plab Test
  • Special Visitor-marriage/civil partnership
  • Special Visitor-medical treatment
  • Special Visitor-visitor in transit
  • Special visitor-student visitor up to 6 months
  • Special Visitor-Child visitor
  • Special Visitor-Prospective student
  • Special visitor-parent of a child at school (up to 12 months)
  • Sports visitor

Permit Free Employment
  • Overseas Domestic Worker-Private household
  • EC Business Association Agreement
  • UK Ancestry
  • Swiss Posted Worker
  • Seasonal Agricultural Worker/WRS
  • Dependent & Extensions of the above

Further Leave to Remain
  • Leave to remain student in the UK
  • Leave to remain non student (others)

Study Other Than PBS 4
  • Student Nurse
  • Writing up a thesis
  • Resetting Exams
  • Sabbatical Officer
  • Student Dependent (spouse/civil partners/child)
  • Postgraduate dentist
  • Postgraduate doctor

  • Application for Naturalization (AN)
  • Nationality Registration

Sponsor License Application
  • Tier 2 Sponsor License
  • Tier 4 Sponsor License
  • Tier 5 Sponsor License

  • Asylum Assistance
  • EEA Application/Family Permit
  • Exercise of access to child
  • Parent/Primary carer of an EEA national child
  • Family member of a Swiss national
  • Returning Resident
  • Right of Abode certificate of Entitlement
  • Direct Airside Transit
  • Certificate of Approval (COA)
  • Travel Documents Adult (CTD)
   Heading Our Guarantee     
To always remain competitive in terms of fees and unrivalled in terms of the service we provide.

To always work to a flat fee structure once we have been instructed by the client and once we have agreed to take responsibility and guarantee the case.

To offer real discounts based on real results, in regards to repeat business and high volumes of work.
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