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Tier 1 is one of the points based system aimed at highly skilled applicants. The tier divided into 4 sub-categories, and none of them requires the applicant to have a job offer or a Certificate of Sponsorship from an organisation in the UK. The sub-categories within this tier are as follows:


For migrants who wish to find highly skilled employment in the UK. This sub-category is base on the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme. The HSMP is been replace by this Tier 1 sub-category during 2008. The main scoring areas of age, qualifications, earning and UK work experience remain unbroken from those previously included in the HSMP. Here, with the HSMP, an applicant must score 75 points in order to qualify. In addition, an applicant must score a further 10 points by meeting English Language proficiency, and a further 10 points for meeting a (financial) safeguarding constraint


For migrants investing in or building up a business, and being actively participated in running of it. This sub-category aims to replace both the previous/existing Corporate and Innovators itineraries. Minimum amount of £200,000 needs to be available for investing in a business in the UK. Either the investment sum can provide by an intermediate or the funds could belong to the applicant. The investment can made in an existing business or in a new company.


Capitalists who are having high net worth, applicant wish to make a large amount of financial investment in UK. This sub-category is only applicable for those who hold at least £1m of (their own) useable funds (in an account with a regulated financial institution) or hold personal assets of at least £2m , with an amount of at least £1m reckonable to use by them, which can be loan. The Tier 1 Investor category will replace the previous Investor category.

Post Study Work

The Post Study Work “visa” has replace the International Graduate Scheme in summer 2008. It is base on the same criteria as the IGS, It will allow those who have graduate in the UK the right to remain and work in the UK for 2 years. To be eligible, a person must have completed an accepted course of study at a recognised institution of Higher or Further Education. This sub-category of Tier 1 also carries a maintenance requirement. Unlike the other Tier 1 sub-categories, however, this is intended to provide a transitional route to applicants, therefore, time spent on the Post Study Work “visa” will not count towards residency or Indefinite Leave to remain.
   Heading Our Guarantee     
To always remain competitive in terms of fees and unrivalled in terms of the service we provide.

To always work to a flat fee structure once we have been instructed by the client and once we have agreed to take responsibility and guarantee the case.

To offer real discounts based on real results, in regards to repeat business and high volumes of work.
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