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   Heading Tier 5     
Tier 5 is launch in autumn 2008. This category covers young mobility and short-term workers. It relates to many situations where individuals are coming to the UK to satisfy primarily non-financial objectives.

The following itineraries will replace when Tier 5 will launch:
  • China graduate work experience programme;
  • EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme;
  • Exchange teachers and language assistants;
  • General Agreement of Trades in Services (GATS);
  • International Fire Fighter Fellowship Programme;
  • Medical training initiative;
  • Non-pastoral religious workers;
  • Overseas domestic workers (in diplomatic households);
  • Overseas government employees;
  • Rudolf Steiner;
  • Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES);
  • Vander Elst;
  • Visiting religious workers;
  • Voluntary workers;
  • some work permits in the creative and sporting sector.

The temporary workers’ category of Tier 5 is made from five sub-categories. All these categories are short-term entry categories and applicants must leave the United Kingdom when their permission to stay ends.

Charity Workers

This sub-category allows applicants to come to the United Kingdom as chosen employees for a charity. They can only apply under this category if they want to do unpaid fieldwork; Up to the purpose of the organisation.

Government Authorised Exchange

This sub-category allows applicants to come to the United Kingdom through an approved scheme intended to sharing knowledge, experience and best exercise. This scheme cannot use to fill job vacancies or provide a route to the United Kingdom for unskilled workers

Religious Workers

This sub-category allows applicants to come to the United Kingdom as a religious worker. They cannot apply under this category if they will be involved as vaticinator or pastoral work while in the United Kingdom.

Creative and Sporting

This sub-category allows applicants to come to the United Kingdom as a sportsperson, an entertainers or a creative artist for up to 12 months.

International agreement

This sub-category allows applicants to the come to the United Kingdom to provide a service that is covered under worldwide regulation. The work covered by this category includes GATS, other mutual agreements, employees in foreign country governments and global organisations, and the proviso for private servants in diplomatic households.

If you wish to make applications under this tier should contact us for initial advice and comment
   Heading Our Guarantee     
To always remain competitive in terms of fees and unrivalled in terms of the service we provide.

To always work to a flat fee structure once we have been instructed by the client and once we have agreed to take responsibility and guarantee the case.

To offer real discounts based on real results, in regards to repeat business and high volumes of work.
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